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Mowing Your Lucky Lawn

Proper mowing is needed to keep your lawn healthy and actively growing. The mowing height of your lawn will determine how much food the lawn can store, the amount of water available, shade provided, how well it competes with weeds, how fast it recovers from disease and insect damage. The health and appearance of each grass plant that makes up your lawn is dependant on proper mowing practices.


Mowing Height

Lucky Lawn recommends a mowing height of no less than 3 inches. Mowing higher is better, especially during the hot dry part of the summer. If your lawn gets ahead of you because of wet weather or a busy schedule it's best to set your mower at its highest possible setting. Gradually reduce the height of cut for subsequent mowing's. This may cause you to decrease the time between mowings until you get back to a normal mowing height.

Mowing Frequency

  • The rate of growth will determine when your lawn should be mowed. ALWAYS ON SATURDAY IS NOT A GOOD PLAN
  • During spring and fall do not remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade. A lawn being mowed at 3" should be cut before it grows higher than 4 1/2".
  • During the hot dry periods of summer do not remove more than 1/2 the grass blade per mowing. Your lawn can grow up to 6" high between mowing's.
  • During times of ideal growing conditions and surge growth mowing every 2 to 4 days is not uncommon.
  • Mowing one day late for three consecutive mowing's causes a noticeable difference in the amount of disease in your lawn.
  • Mow the same height until the growing season is over. Sometimes the mowing season goes into December.

Returning Grass Clippings

Grass clippings are a very valuable source of organic matter. By allowing grass clippings to return to the lawn you encourage the organic matter full of nutrients to return back to the soil. This will promote healthy growth and help to suppress common lawn diseases. Lucky Lawn highly encourages this practice...provided the lawn is cut often enough to not leave clumps. University studies have shown that returning the grass clippings to the lawn does not contribute to thatch build-up.

Mowing notes: sharpen your mower blade often and change your mowing pattern

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